Thursday, July 12, 2012

hannibal's bag:

it might be a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with these cameras.   the term "camera bag" refers to a phenomenon on youtube where photographers reveal the equipment they carry in their "camera bag."  it also refers to all of your gear, all your cameras and equipment etc.  

you will do a "youtube like" film segment and these are some of the main cameras you will be talking about... we will do this video with you in my apartment (70s style apartment), well dressed, the dapper hannibal... "your camera bag" (most of the important cameras):

note:  these are not all of your cameras.  these are the main cameras that your character would have used as a photojournalist.

these first four cameras are film cameras.  digital cameras start in 97 with the nikon d1.

nikon f (1959)

first great slr (single lens reflex) camera that eclipsed the leica m3 as the photojournalist's camera of choice.  it dominated for 10 years and stayed in production for 15 years.   kathy hale shoots with a nikon f and a nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens.  so did (david hemmings in blow up)

canon f1 (1971)

canon's first competitive slr camera.  it eclipsed the nikon f, and though kathy shot in the 70s, she was still faithful to the original nikon f.  

nikon f3 (1983?)

nikon takes back the reins again with this excellent slr camera that stayed in production for over ten years.

canon eos 650 (1989)

(more research needed) canon fights back with the first successful auto focus camera and your character's last photojournalist camera.

nikon d1 (1997)

nikons first professional digital camera sporting a whopping 2.7 megapixels (im kidding of course...that is nothing).  this camera changed the game overnight.  almost overnight photojournalists put away their film cameras once and for all...

 nikon  d200 (2006)

excellent features, excellent price.  amateurs jumped aboard the professional dslr wagaon with this camera.  the nikon d200 was your characters first digital camera.

canon eos 5d mark ii (2008)

your characters first and only full frame digital camera, in other words, this camera's digital "sensor" is roughly the same size as a 35mm film camera and it has roughly the same resolution...of course, this is a huge over-simplification.  this camera and other full-frame digital cameras are significant to your character because they are the first cameras that completely eclipsed the use of 35mm film cameras. this is the camera you currently use.